Nerudova Street-Down Castle

Prague is divided into two halves by the Vltava river - The Small Quarter (Prague Castle) and Old Town. House is located on
 the west side of the Vltava just below Prague Castle. We are a five minute walk from the 14th century Charles Bridge
that connects The Small Quarter to Old Town.






Apartments are all self-contained. They each include two rooms, a kitchen and a private bathroom. They are perfect for couples, families or a group of friends. Each has single and double beds and we can accommodate most sleeping arrangements.

Each apartment is furnished with a variety of antiques and plants and has sunny windows that overlook Nerudova Street.

Nerudova emptys into a small square where there is a tram stop and several cafes and shops that lead you to Charles Bridge. 

The opposite end of Nerudova leads up the hill to the foot of Prague Castle.  Along this way there are numerous shops, restaurants and cafes.  Further up you will find the beautiful Petrin Park that offers splendid views of Prague.

The Antique

This two room apartment is a step back in time.  Each room is large and full of matching beautifully carved wooden furniture - including a dining table and two writing desks waiting for postcards home or that unfinished novel.  The rooms are separate and private and each includes a double bed.  And, of course there is a bathroom and full kitchen.


Antique has two adjacent rooms that both overlook Nerudova Street and Prague's Lesser Town.


The Spranger Apartment

In the late 16th century, Emperor Rudolf II took up residence in Prague Castle and began to bring artists and scientists to Prague.   One such artist was the Mannerist painter, Bartholomew Spranger, who took up residence in this apartment. 

From the incredible parquet floor to the antique trunk, this apartment is full of character.  The main living/bedroom is sunny and looks over Nerudova while the back bedroom has a window to the courtyard below.




The Kepler Apartment

This apartment is on the third floor and is sunny and quiet.  The spacious front room is furnished with antiques and has views of rooftop statues across the street.  The back bedroom has one big double bed and there is a kitchen in a separate room.

The Kepler sleeps four comfortably and we can provide extra beds for a larger group or family.


The Neruda Apartment

Named after Prague's famous writer, Jan Neruda, who once lived just up the street, this apartment has two rooms, a bathroom and a modern kitchen.  The living room peers onto the cobblestones of Nerudova Street and the bedroom looks onto the courtyard below.

The apartment includes a full kitchen, dining area, television and washing machine.


























Our  Rooms consist of three rooms: The Front Penthouse, The Back Penthouse and The Kupola. These rooms make up the apex of our building on Nerudova and each has a different view of Prague and its rooftops.

We understand that traveling can be expensive, so we offer these rooms with the budget traveler in mind. They are inexpensive and basic yet are centrally located with enough privacy to be comfortable. So why stay in a hostel when you can have your own room and be close enough to the castle to hear morning bells?

These rooms share the lavatory and shower and there is a small kitchen area with a refrigerator, kettle, coffee and tea.


The Front Penthouse


The Front Penthouse has two sunny windows that look out onto rooftops and the street below. From here you will have a stunning view of the beautifully, flamboyant Baroque church, St. Nicholas.



Part of the view from the Front Penthouse.


The Back Penthouse


The Back Penthouse is a writer's nest and too is ideal for couples. It faces the opposite side of the street with a courtyard below and a view of the castle from its small balcony.



The Kupola


The Kupola Room is named after the dome of St. Nicholas church which can be seen from one window. It is ideal for a romantic stay in Prague.


The stairway entrance to the penthouse rooms.




The Front Penthouse is a large room that isn't a standard hotel room with only a bed. The room is ideal for a couple, but will also accommodate four people.





Nerudova Street



The double doors of the Back Penthouse open up to a courtyard below and a very nice view of Prague Castle.







This scene is just part of the panoramic view the Kupola has. This room is unique and offers a memory of Prague that isn't expected from an inexpensive room.